New Vacation Homes in Orlando

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New Vacation Home Construction Options


A new home offers many significant advantages over a resale and several additional factors make the purchase of a new home an easy choice for many buyers looking at an investment vacation home in the Orlando area. Here are some of the main points to consider:


New construction offers an immediate upgrade over the majority of resale’s currently on the market. Most resales were built pre-2006 prior to the market downturn so those looking for a newer home have little selection of available options.


An important benefit of a new home is the builders warranty offered by the builder. This may be especially pertinent against purchasing a resale that is in that 8-10 year period when many items such as AC and appliances can start to wear out.


It’s true that a resale vacation home generally is sold furnished but furniture that is over 5 years old – constantly subjected to weekly rentals is probably close to nearing its life expectancy so that advantage may be nullified depending on the condition and how much updating a resale requires to take it from that “tired” look to anything close to the immediate impact a new home has both visually for marketing and guest experience.


Without doubt one of the major factors in choosing new construction is the new and improved floor plans builders are now creating to facilitate the special needs of the vacation home guest. Larger more spacious family and entertainment areas coupled with better outdoor facilities and indoor floor space make the home a much more attractive option for renters – which in turn can generate better revenue and make the additional expense of building a new home pay for itself in the long run.


Another improvement we have seen is the better facilities developers are adding as additional value to the resort of community. Developers have become wise to the needs of the owners and the floor plan for the guests but also understand the importance of adding community features such as community pools, clubhouses, water-parks, sport areas and 24 hour security.