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The US will be open for international
travelers from November 2021

US to ease virus restrictions for vaccinated travelers on foreign flights to America from November 8th.

November 2021 will see a major change in the Orlando vacation home market. An already hot market will move up to “boiling” status by the end of the year as the many millions of foreign national buyers desperate to visit will finally be able to travel. None more so than the UK market, traditionally one of the biggest buying sectors has been suppressed in recent years – first by BREXIT and the dramatic drop in the exchange rate and then the pandemic which has forced Brits to the fringes of the Orlando vacation home market place.

Not any more. Fresh from cashing in from the sales of their second homes in Europe and desperate to get back to the Florida sunshine, the amazing entertainment of Central Florida and an improving exchange rate the UK buyers will be looking to park investment cash on the flourishing short term rental vacation home market and the many benefits owning a vacation home in Orlando provides.

Along with the UK and European buyers, Brazilian and Asian investors will continue to consume inventory at a steady pace which all suggests that we will continue to see inventory drop and prices rise. The forecast for 2022 is for a lot more of the same all the way until fall 2022. So if you have been waiting for a dip in the market – wait no more. You may be in the last dip for a while right now. The best buying window may be between now and the end of 2021.

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