Vacation home specialists Jerry Barker and Ali Frazier discuss some of the frequently asked question we received from buyers looking to purchase a vacation home in Orlando.

1.05 – What does the Jerry Barker Group Do?
2.04 – What is The Guide?
3.45 – What does the Jerry Barker Group help with?
5.15 – What geographical area can you help us buy a property in?
6.45 – What might be additional fees?
8.55 – Who will manage your property?
10.03 – Who will market your property?
12.12 – Will my vacation home make money?
14.10 – What monthly or annual costs can I expect?
16.06 – What is the difference between a resort and a community?
17.50 – Where should I buy?
19.28 – Are there any hidden fees?
22.35 – What is a capital contribution fee?
24.13 – Can you help us sell our property?

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Vacation Home Specialist
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