About Jerry Barker

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About Jerry Barker

I arrived in Florida from the UK March 5th 1989 to begin work as a professional photographer and immediately decided Florida is where I wanted to live.
After a varied and very interesting career traveling around the world I eventually landed back in Florida and to real estate.

I formed the Jerry Barker Group to specialize in vacation home investment properties in the Orlando / Disney vacation rental market and put together a team of partners and associates that I could rely on to provide the very best service to my clients.

I cannot begin to tell you how great the thrill is of handing the keys to a family that has had the lifelong dream of owning a vacation home in Florida. I have had the great fortune to be able to do that many hundreds of times and it never gets old.  It’s my favorite part of this business – by far.

I now reside in Bella Collina a few miles North West of Walt Disney World with my wife Alyssa and daughter Sydney.
I am here at your disposal to help you achieve the Florida dream I have been so fortunate to have lived.

Jerry Barker
Vacation Home Specialist
Tel: 407-286-8169

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