The entity that makes the Short Term Rental program work is a Property Management Company (PMC).

The job of the Property Management Company is to provide you with the services you require to oversee the daily management of your small hotel business.
Property management companies can manage your property whichever way you require. There are no set rules on how your property should be properly managed, in fact the ability to create a service that is particular to your requirements is something that the majority of Property Management Company pride themselves in offering to you.

Some owners like to be involved and help with marketing, decor and planning – some like to be completely hands off and just show up when they are ready to relax.

It’s all possible and each property and owner has different needs and views, and a property management company can tailor those needs to a custom service to your requirements.

There are local and state laws that must be followed by properties in the Short Term Rental program but the management can be partially or completely serviced by the Property Management Company depending on how you, the owner decide how you’d like to have your business run.
There are many questions pertaining to the Short Term Rental program and having a vacation home specialist who can advise you on all aspects of the Property management business and how you can get the most effective returns for your individual needs is one of the most import aspects of buying a vacation home in Orlando.

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