One of the best ROI investment returns we see in the short term rental market are the Reunion luxury homes. Properties from the 1.2m mark show the best returns overall with the homes upward of 2m showing the potential for 10% or more.

Reunion is one if not the most spectacular vacation resorts in Orlando and is arguably the prime location for buyers and vacationers in the central Florida market. The Reunion area covers the gambit of all things great for vacationers and owners alike.
The vast Reunion Grande that sits like a Las Vegas style casino at the heart of this huge resort is the centerpiece for dining and focal point for guests and owners. Its proximity to the highways and central location provide easy access to the area attractions.
One cannot help but be impressed by the grandeur and vision of this beautifully developed resort. The range of investment options cover luxury condominiums that have spectacular views of the golf courses to elegant townhouses and both modest villas and spectacular single family custom homes.

Reunion boasts three world class golf courses, magnificent facilities, fabulous water parks and looks every inch the luxury vacation resort it was designed to be. Who would not be impressed by golf courses designed by Jack Nicklaus, Arnold Palmer and Tom Watson?
Perhaps not all but for those who do not play the grand auld game, the onsite spa, restaurants and nearby shopping outlets and of course a modest 15 minute ride to Walt Disney World give all the options one could and should desire in a five star vacation resort.

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