Two of the fantastic services we offer are our video walk through tours and our virtual tours.

What’s the difference between both tours?

A video walk through tour can be conducted anytime the property is vacant and sent to you usually via a YouTube link so you can watch at your leisure. Jerry and his team would personally conduct this video so you get the feel you are with them, they will discuss the property and point out items that may be significant.
They can also make special note if you particularly want information on items at the property.
You can see a sample of a video tour below.

A virtual tour is conducted in real time via the ZOOM / FACE TIME or similar app. A pre-arranged time and day is scheduled and you will join Jerry’s team live as they tour the home and shares what they see in detail. You have the opportunity to ask questions and direct them to any item so you can get specific details on the property.

Virtual tours require much more coordination, and all parties – including the property must be available at a determined day and time.

Understanding the Process

Jerry’s team in expertise in shooting, understanding and touring property for clients is unique. They can answer most questions in real time and have walked thousands of homes for clients. We get many requests to review property for clients from all over the world.

Virtual tours and video tours take a lot of organization, time and resources making it impossible to do more than a few a week.

Video and Virtual Tour Policy

We happy to assist any qualified client but our time slots are limited and we receive many requests therefore we are compelled to prioritize. Before we will accept a tour request a client must:

    Clients must sign an agreement prior to any video or virtual tours being scheduled.
    A client must provide adequate assurance that they have the means to purchase the target property either by providing Proof of Funds in the form of a lender pre-qualification letter or proof of adequate cash resources.
    One session per client with a maximum of two properties per session per qualified client.
    If a client requires more than one session then a $1,000 deposit per session will be required. The deposit will be fully refundable should the client purchase any property with The Jerry Barker Group.
    You understand that availability of our staff and access to the property may be limited and scheduling will be dependent on factors out of our control. We do not guarantee we can access any property at any given or requested time.
    We also reserve the right to reject any target property for any reason we deem unacceptable.
    Authorize The Jerry Barker Group, LLC to represent you as the exclusive right to work with and assist in locating and negotiating the acquisition of suitable real estate within the Orlando Realtor RegionUtilizing the video and virtual services Jerry offers is a fantastic way to purchase property from anywhere in the world. His knowledge and experience are invaluable and a must have for this important investment decision.

Please use this wonderful resource wisely!

Inspection Contingency

For your additional consideration, the inspection contingency clause in the contract reads:

Buyer shall have 15 days after Effective Date (“Inspection Period”) within which to have such inspections of the Property performed as Buyer shall desire during the Inspection Period. If Buyer determines, in Buyer’s sole discretion, that the Property is not acceptable to Buyer, Buyer may terminate this Contract by delivering written notice of such election to Seller prior to expiration of Inspection Period. If Buyer timely terminates this Contract, the Deposit paid shall be returned to Buyer, thereupon, Buyer and Seller shall be released of all further obligations under this Contract

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