Unique Times, Unique Services.

We have significantly increased our ability to assist our clients view, select and even close on vacation home investment property from any location in the world.
Our unique virtual services will ensure you do not miss the perfect vacation home should it be or become available. We will be there to make sure you never miss the perfect home!

Virtual Walk Through
Our vacation homes specialists can perform a virtual tour of resorts and properties via the “Zoom” or “Facetime” app for you and any number of participants.

Video Talk Through
For a recorded overview, our specialist can conduct a professional “walking tour” of a property for you to review with your family at your convenience.

Viewing Contingency
Contracts can include extended periods to allow buyers time to travel to Orlando to give final approval to any negotiated contract.

Home Inspection
Our associates can conduct a thorough review of any property and will produce a detailed report on the condition of every aspect of the home.

Final Walk
Our specialist will conduct a final walk through on your behalf prior to closing to ensure the property is exactly the way you purchased it.

Virtual Closings
Our team can conduct the closing virtually with you in any location worldwide. We can also authenticate via our virtual notary services.

Contact us for a full service overview and how we will be able to assist in capturing you the perfect vacation home!

Jerry Barker
Vacation Home Specialist
Tel: 407-286-8169

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