What we do.
We specialize in assisting out-of-state and international buyers and investors identify and purchase short term renal vacation homes in the Central Florida area and assist in the creation and implementation of a marketing and management strategy for each client to fit their unique investment goals.

Where we do it.
The Orlando / Disney short term vacation home market which is a multi billion dollar industry catering to the 75+ million visitors to Central Florida every year.
Consistent annual returns, appreciating real estate in what most experts acknowledge is one of the top two real estate markets in the US combined with the additional lifestyle investment of personal use of a Florida villa for friends and family make Orlando vacation investment homes one of the most trending options in today’s property market.

How we do it.
Through our network of real estate professionals and team of service providers we are able to deliver the knowledge and experience to assist in locating the ideal options for purchase, negotiate and secure a property and provide the assistance to set up and manage a successful short term management program or to provide caretaker services for your investment.

About us

  • Honesty and integrity are our first priorities.
  • The Jerry Barker Group has been assisting out-of-state and international buyers for over a decade.
  • We have helped delighted owners from 36 different countries and states purchase 100’s of vacation homes.
  • Jerry Barker authored “The Orlando Vacation Home Buyers Guide” in 2015 and it has become the annual go to read for buyers, sellers and industry insiders looking for detailed information on buying, ownership and management. We offer it FREE.
  • We pioneered the Orlando Rental Homes By Owner (ORHBO.com) website, a client service to assist owners with commission free rentals.
  • We pride ourselves in ensuring our clients are educated first so they can have a successful investment, understand everything that is involved before making a purchase. Our clients testimonials.
  • We give you the tools to run accurate costs and returns via our Interactive calculator.
  • We do not take referral fees from vendors.
  •  We assist with every aspect of buying, ownership and management through our best in class associate relationships built over a decade of successful transactions. Everything you will need is in one place.
  • Our YouTube channel has videos with Resorts, Homes and all the education you will need. Watch everything you need to know.
  • You will always have a friend in Florida. We will be with you before, during and after your purchase. We can be personally reached every day.
  • We provide the knowledge to allow you the best chance of financial success. Our clients consistently attain much higher rates and occupancy than average.
  • We are experts on Orlando Vacation Homes, that’s what we do!

You will not know how important good representation is until it is too late. That can be depressing.
Only work with the best.