Formosa Gardens / Arcadia Estates may be one of the most popular non resort single family home communities in the Orlando short term rental area today. Its important to note that its not a resort – with amenities but a community. The properties inside this exclusive community are kept in pristine condition and some of the larger homes are in the millions of dollar range.

If you are fortunate to get a location with a lake view then you most likely have found one of the more exclusive lots in any community in the area and you’ll have a wonderful investment whether you decide to use the property as a second home or a short term rental revenue generating entity.
Formosa Gardens does not have a community pool or club house but also does not have the huge annual resort fees associated with them – making this resort a very attractive proposition for someone looking for a second home in the Disney vacation area – and it is close to Disney, probably as close as any other resort.

Overall you get the feeling of class in a secure and up market location at Formosa, this community has a special spot for those looking for just such a treasure and can be counted on to work with your financial plans which ever direction you decide to move in.
Formosa should be considered as a first class option for excellent privacy and good STR generating potential with a very positive long term appreciation goal.

Formosa Gardens & Arcadia Estates Houses For Sale

Map View of Formosa Gardens Property