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Storey Lake is one of the newest dedicated vacation home resorts and the one closest to Walt Disney world.

As with all great resorts it sports a fantastic clubhouse with bar and food services combined with a large sun deck area, fine adult pool and an exceptional array of outdoor entertainment for the younger family including a superb lazy river that cradles a unique miniature golf course.
Fun water sliders for the bigger kids and a really nice water-park play area for the little ones make sure the who family are entertained at Story Lake.
For those looking to keep fit there is a fitness center and one can do a little canoeing if one takes the urge to blow off a few pounds!

Property types include 5- & 6-bedroom island villas, 5-8 bedroom luxury vacation homes in both traditional and modern elevations.
In the Cove, we find the superb 4- & 5-bedroom townhouses, many with lake views. These townhouses offer an excellent alternative to the single-family homes for those looking for a great value option at a 5-star resort. The many boardwalks give easy access to the clubhouse from around the resort making it an enjoyable stroll around this beautiful scenic resort.

Stunning 2- & 3-bedroom condos round out a fantastic selection of options to fit most any need and budget here at Storey Lake.

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