Providence Resort Davenport Short Term Rental Homes for Sale

Providence Real Estate

Providence has three sections where short term rental is permitted “Victoria Woods”, “Rosemont Woods” and “Crofton Springs”.

Savvy investors can take advantage of this fantastic primary residential resort with all the built in benefits and still have the opportunity to rent the property while not in use by its owner. Its a golden opportunity to own in a fantastic location while taking advantage of the outstanding Orlando rental market and property market.

The center piece to the community is the award winning golf course and the top class facilities provided. This exceptional water park offers two swimming pools, one that is Olympic sized for exercise swimming. It also has a fully equipped children’s park, two tennis courts, and an excellent gymnasium. There is also a kids club and day center for the children.
The club house and pro shop are complimented by a fine bar and restaurant that serves meals daily to both residents and hungry golfers.
This top rated Florida golf course is one that you can enjoy for a lifetime for both the beauty and challenge – and is one of the communities most endearing features.

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