Orlando Resort Map

Understanding the Short Term Rental Area

The Four Corners

Four counties intersect at a point inside the vacation home resort area, we call it the “four corners”.
In the Northeast it is Orange county, the Southeast it is Osceola, the Southwest is Polk and Northwest is lake county.
Osceola in the southeast has the largest contingent of vacation homes and resorts such as Reunion, Encore, Windsor Hills, Storey Lake.
Polk in the southwest has the second largest with Windsor Island, Solterra, Providence and Watersong.
Very few in Lake and Orange however Windsor Cay will be built in Lake and the first major resort in the county.

Davenport and Kissimmee

One of the common questions we get asked is about the Kissimmee and Davenport address extensions listed on properties.
The towns of Kissimmee and Davenport are used more as a vicinity than actual location for vacation homes and those properties are not actually in or in close proximity to either. Fun fact, I’ve been helping people buy vacation homes for 14 years – I’ve only driven through Davenport twice and I’ve never been in Kissimmee!
As an example, I did a measurement “as the crow flies from downtown Davenport to the Magic Kingdom Castle and it was 17.85mi
I did the same measurement from the clubhouse at Windsor Island, and it was 8.65m.
I’ve never been a fan of using Davenport or Kissimmee, I think it confuses people but that’s how the counties set it up as post code – so that’s where the name comes from.
Vacation homes in Osceola county have Kissimmee addresses and vacation homes in Polk county have Davenport addresses.


Is Championsgate in Polk or Osceola County?
The location question is interesting as it is both.
The area is considered the “Davenport area”.
The “Resort of Championsgate” is in the city of Championsgate.
The subdivision of Championsgate resort that is Short term rental is called “The Retreat at Championsgate”.
To confuse it even more, the resort was originally called “Stoneybrook South” and was renamed by Lennar as Championsgate when they restarted the project after the market crash of 2006 in or about 2012. Some of the original homes still carry the Stoneybrook description.
One final weird fact is that The Retreat at Championsgate phase one is actually in Polk county, phase two is in Osceola county. There was some agreement between Polk and Osceola to allow all the homes to all be registered in Osceola. Davenport is in Polk county. So actually, it should be considered the “Kissimmee area” not the Davenport area. Confused, we were too!

In my opinion, all vacation homes should be classified as the “Four Corners area”, maybe one day!